The Linux Doctor

Making house calls to solve your Linux needs

Are you a Windows user who wants more out of your computing experience and has been curious about Linux but don't know who to trust to offer support?

Do you already have Linux on your PC but need some additional troubleshooting expertise?

Are you a novice Linux user who needs some technical assistance from time to time?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then I'd like to help. I am a Linux professional who will come to your house or business to troubleshoot, install or upgrade Linux on your desktop or laptop with the honesty, respect and expertise you deserve.

What exactly is Linux?

Linux is an Operating System (i.e., the software which runs your PC) which is a free alternative to Microsoft's Windows and Apple's OS X as well as being the basis for OS X and the powerful Android platform. While Windows continues to be the most widely used desktop and laptop Operating System, it is widely believed that Linux is better written, runs faster/more efficiently, and more security conscious (see article " More Than 90% of Linux Systems Have Never Been Infected ") and can save you a lot of money over commercially available software. For years Linux has been very popular among computer hobbyists and computer professionals, but over time it has attracted a much more main-stream audience as it has become increasingly easy to use. Lastly, you can try out Linux on any PC without disturbing what is already installed and if you decide to use Linux long-term you can install it alongside Windows giving you the option to boot whichever OS you wish.

This YouTube video also serves as a great introduction to the world of Linux.

Who am I?

My name is John and I have professionally managed corporate, "mission-critical" Linux and UNIX computers since 1993, have served as an independent Linux consultant for numerous projects, and have maintained and used Red Hat/Fedora Linux (and other distributions of Linux) since mid-1996.

If you wish to see more, you can see my complete career history, education, and recommendations I have received at my public LinkedIn profile here.

Why should you hire me?

-  I have excellent references, years of experience, good tutoring skills and have always been known as a very hard working individual. Most importantly, I will treat you with respect, honesty and fairness.
- Initially, I will come to your home or business. Afterward, I may offer the option of working on your PC remotely, depending on the nature of the problem and your needs.
- Users of all levels of technical expertise are welcome.

If you are a current Windows user, why should you consider Linux?

-  Most experts agree that Linux is more secure, more robust, less prone to virus attacks, and requires less resources (meaning you can use an older, less powerful, less expensive computer).
-  Linux is now quite novice-friendly. Most Linux applications (web-browser, email reader, etc) are very similar to Windows applications and generally have an intuitive feel to them. Also, most of the day-to-day system maintenance is handled by well thought out, intuitive GUI's (i.e., Graphical User Interface).
-  I can put Linux on your machine without having to delete Windows, giving you the option to run Linux or Windows as you see fit.
-  Not only will I install Linux on your machine (with all the latest updates) but I will also spend a couple of hours tutoring you, as well as download a number of useful Linux-related bookmarks into your web-browser.

How do you contact me?

The best way to contact me is to email me at = >

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