Linux gets powerful boost from supporters

Written by Gundeep Hora  

Monday, 13 September 2004

Linux is about to get a strong boost from major Linux OS supporters, which will ensure the proper prosperity and growth of Linux in the corporate world as well as the end-consumer market.

Linux Standard Base 2.0, a standardized operating system, was released by the Free Standards Group today in order to continue Linux's growth in the market against Microsoft. Microsoft is in even more danger of losing market shares in the operating system market as Linux continues its advancements. Microsoft is counter-attacking the need for Linux by stating that due to Linux's open-source nature, it may branch out to become a proprietary operating system with numerous incompatibilities.

Free Standards Group, a non-profit open-source promoting firm said, this is not the case anymore. By having an operating system open-source, hundreads of programmers can contribute to its functionality and write programs almost instantly.

Linux Standard Base 2.0 will have many programmers working on it to ensure the enough supply of applications for this operating system. John Hall, Executive Director, Linux International, another non-profit organization said, "The way of assuring that every distribution has all the applications it needs to be successful is through specifying and applying a cross-distribution, cross-application, neutrally-determined standard. The LSB provides that specification".

The current list of companies who are supporting the aforementioned Linux distribution include, but not limited to: AMD, Intel, HP, IBM, Dell, Red Hat, Novell, and TurboLinux.