Content Marketing

Content is Key

Content marketing is a type of digital marketing where written content is optimized for relative search terms and meets searchers’ demand. A good rule of thumb for content is it encompasses everything written. This includes blogs, articles, website copy, social media posts, captions, meta descriptions, product descriptions, video text, and more.

Content should be one of your primary focal points when it comes to improving your online presence. Content marketing helps improve the user-friendliness of your website, which is key when drawing in customers and improving your search engine ranking.

The Content Marketing Institute reported 72% of marketers to say content marketing increases engagement. This is across multiple mediums such as social media, websites, and blogs. Content is only one factor of several that determines your search engine ranking, but content encompasses several different SEO strategies.

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When developing content, your website needs relevant keywords, accurate information, original ideas, external links, internal links, and it must be useful to the customer. At ASAP Marketing, we take all of these qualities and more to develop content that ranks.

Our writers incorporate relevant keywords to your business while also educating the customer on your business, industry, products, and services. By approaching content with the goal of answering a customer’s question, we can write user-friendly content. As a result, your search engine ranking will improve.

Of course, your content needs to be more than just user-friendly and informative. It must be consistent and meet your brand tone. All of these traits of your content must be met in order to provide an effective content marketing strategy.

Our Approach to Content Marketing

We put your business front and center of your content marketing strategy. The content writers at ASAP Marketing will start developing content by getting to know your business and your industry. Our team will ask a variety of questions to get to know your business through and through. The more we know about your business goals, mission, methods, services, products, and what makes you different, we can develop killer content.

The next step of your content marketing strategy is solely based on the services your business needs. A brand new website will require completely original content development. In this case, our team works closely with the web developers and SEO specialists to create a healthy, authoritative site structure. From there, content writers begin working on developing web pages with informative and SEO-rich content.

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For those with strong, healthy sites already, our team will review the analytics of your content. We look at the pages that are underperforming and pages that are doing really well. The cause of these issues may be part of the content. Our writers also edit, which is an essential procedure in our content marketing methods.

When reviewing a site, we look for duplicate content, poorly written words, grammar and spelling errors, and content that doesn’t meet your brand’s goals. Removing and editing these areas of your website, we can increase traffic across your entire site or drive traffic to specific areas of the site. In either case, the content review we perform is aimed at improving your site as a whole.

Essential Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is a key strategy in improving your website traffic and increasing your search engine ranking. Let ASAP Marketing assist you in improving your content so that it meets customers’ expectations. When you have content written for humans, you advertently write for search engines.

Contact our team today to learn more about our content marketing methods. We can discuss your website’s content in terms of how it can improve and what it needs to draw in new customers. You may also request a quote using our form. After filling it out, a team member will reach out within 48 hours.